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  • 2022.02.08
    札幌交響楽団 東京公演2022
    横浜18区コンサート 第Ⅰ期 山根一仁(ヴァイオリン)×新日本フィルハーモニー交響楽団メンバー
    新日本フィルハーモニー交響楽団 第631回定期演奏会 ジェイド〈サントリーホール・シリーズ〉
    Just Composed 2020 Winter in Yokohama ―現代作曲家シリーズ― 時代を超える革新
    土曜ソワレシリーズ《女神との出逢い》  第288回
    仲道郁代「シューマン 300日の物語」第2回(全4回)
    終わりのない物語~飛翔するファンタジー with 山根一仁・豊嶋泰嗣・富岡廉太郎
    東京シティフィルハーモニー管弦楽団 第334回定期演奏会
    土曜ソワレシリーズ《女神との出逢い》 第288回
    【公演中止】県民音楽のひろば 群響特別演奏会
  •  1995年生まれ。2010年中学校3年在学中に第79回日本音楽コンクール第1位、レウカディア賞、黒柳賞、鷲見賞、岩谷賞(聴衆賞)、増沢賞を受賞。これまでにバーミンガム市響、NHK交響楽団をはじめ国内外のオーケストラと共演を重ねる。
     第60回横浜文化賞文化芸術奨励賞(最年少)、第2回岩谷時子音楽財団Foundation for Youth賞、第25回青山音楽賞新人賞、第26回出光音楽賞、第19回ホテルオークラ賞等受賞。これまでに故富岡萬、水野佐知香、原田幸一郎各氏に師事。現在ドイツ国立ミュンヘン音楽大学に在籍。クリストフ・ポッペン氏のもと、さらに研鑽を積む。

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     2010年度横浜市教育委員会表彰。第60回横浜文化賞文化・芸術奨励賞(最年少)、第2回岩谷時子音楽財団『Foundation for Youth 賞』、2015年度青山音楽賞新人賞、第26回出光音楽賞、第19回ホテルオークラ賞等受賞。明治安田クオリティオブライフ文化財団2018年度奨学生。

    Born in Sapporo(Japan) in 1995, Kazuhito Yamane began playing the violin at the age of five.
    In 2010,he won the first prize at the 79th Japan Music Competition . He was the youngest winner in the past 26years and he was also awarded the Masuzawa-, Iwatani (audience prize)and ,Kuroyanagi-,Sumi-, Reukadia-prize at the same time.
    Kazuhito Yamane has played not only as a recital , but also as a soloist of orchestra, as a chamber music player at concerts in Italy, Germany and Japan. He is also regularly invited by famous music festivals. As a soloist ,he has performed with the following orchestras: the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Prague Camerata, NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, Nagoya philharmonic Orchestra ,Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa.
    From 2011 to 2014 he attended the Music High school and Soloist Diploma Course attached to the Faculty of Music, Toho Gakuen University and studied under Prof. Koichiro Harada as a scholarship student.
    Currently he has been studying at Hochschule für Musik und Theater München under Prof.Christoph Poppen.
    He received the Idemitsu Music Prize, Kyoto Aoyama Music Prize in 2015 and The Hotel Okura Music Award in 2017.

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    Born in 1995, Kazuhito Yamane won the first prize of the 79th Music Competition of Japan in 2010, when he was in the 3rd grade of junior high school, and was also given Awards of Reukadia, Kuroyanagi, Sumi, Iwatani(audience prize).
    Masuzawa Award which is given to the most impressive performances was also presented to him. He decorated the debut of shock with his overwhelming expression.
    It was the first time in 26 years for a junior high school student to receive its first prize.

    After that, he was allowed to enter Toho Gakuen Music High School as a special student with exemption of the entrance fee, and graduated first on the list from it on March ,2014.

    In addition to the frequent solo recital activities in high school,
    He has refined his skills through many great stages like,
    -Miyazaki International Music Festival
    -Great Mountain Music Festival & School
    -Takefu International Music Festival
    -Festival Pablo Casals Prades(France)
    -Project Q
    -Viola Space

    He has played with City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Praga Camerata,
    major domestic orchestras such as NHK Symphony Orchestra at the head of the list, and has been always attracting a great deal of attention
    playing with Berlin Philharmonic String Quintet and Maxim Vengerov in his high school days, selected as the youngest member for “Espoir series” at TOPPAN HALL (Tokyo) , and recently he also played with Pieter Wispelwey,Nils Mönkemeyer, etc.

    In particular, with “Espoir series” of
    -Vo1.1/ Unaccompanied solo recital on March 2014
    -Vol.2/ Solo with chamber orchestra (Schnittke, Shostakovich, Vivaldi) on July 2015
    -Vol.3/ Unaccompanied solo recital on March 2017.
    he brought down the house by his overwhelming performance.

    He’s been also performing a lot on TV/radio, like
    -2015-16 Tokyu Silvester concert (Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd, BS Japan)
    -“La la la Classic” (NHK)
    -The first Guest of “Recital Nova” since 2012 (NHK-FM)
    -“Classic recital”
    -“Untitled Concert” (TV ASAHI) etc.

    He’s been awarded a prize many times , like
    -60th Yokohama Cultural Award of Art and Culture Award youngest winner
    -25th Aoyama Music Awards Newcomer Award in 2015
    -26th Idemitsu Award in 2015
    -19th Hotel Okura Music Award in 2017 etc.
    He currently receives The Meiji Yasuda Cultural Foundation Scholarship

    After taking Soloist diploma course with full exemption scholarship
    (Studied with Mr. Koichiro Harada) at Toho Gakuen School of Music,
    He is currently learning at German National Munich University of Music, having Mr. Christoph Poppen for his teacher.

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